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How Does It Work?



Adirondack Efficiency can schedule your home energy audit with a Building Performance Institute Certified Energy Auditor.  If your income is below 80% State Median Income (click here for income guidelines) your energy audit is FREE.  If your income is above 80% State Median Income, you are responsible for $100 of the audit fee, to cover the cost of diagnostic testing.


Everyone receiving an energy audit must provide a 12-24 month summary of the electricity and heating fuel usage of their home. 


National Grid customers can find a 12 month summary of their kWh usage on page 2 of their most recent utility bill.  NYSEG customers can call 800-572-1111 to request a summary or set up a username and password with NYSEG here, to access your kWh usage yourself.


Your oil, kerosene or propane dealer can provide you with a statement showing the cost and number of gallons of fuel delivered in the previous 12 months.


If you heat with cord wood or wood pellets, complete the Energy Usage Waiver and state the amount of wood you have burned in the past 12 months.  The Waiver may also be used if you have not lived in your home for a complete year or if you have access to a record of your energy usage without having to request it from your fuel supplier.


When you have gathered this information, contact us to schedule your energy audit.

Energy Usage Waiver
Energy Usage Waiver.pdf
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Home Performance


You can improve the comfort of your home, use less energy and reduce your energy costs!


After your energy audit is complete, you will receive a report that includes recommendations of specific energy efficiency improvements, a detailed project proposal and an estimate of project costs and energy savings.  If you chose to move forward with improvements, NYSERDA offers two options of low-interest financing for qualifying energy efficiency upgrades - Onbill Recovery Loans and Smart Energy Loans (the current interest rates are 3.49% - 7.99% depending on income and credit score).  Use this LINK or the application below to obtain pre-approval for both types of financing.


The On-Bill Recovery Loan allows you to finance energy efficiency improvements to your home through a charge on your utility bill.  Your annual loan payment is calculated to not exceed the anticipated amount of money you save on energy costs.  For example - if your oil bill is estimated to decrease by an average of $50/month, your monthly loan payment will be LESS than $50.  If you sell your home you will have the option to transfer the unpaid balance of loan to the new owners. 



NYSERDA Credit Application
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Households with an income equal to or lower than 80% of state or area median income (click here for income guidelines), may receive additional incentives through EmPower+. That's an income of almost $88,000 a year for a family of 4, for most North Country Counties. If you are income-eligible, you may receive assistance to cover up to 50% of the cost of approved energy efficiency upgrades, up to $5,000 maximum.


Households with an income equal to or lower than 60% of state median income (click here for income guidelines), may be eligibile for NO-COST energy efficiency services to low-income (i.e., HEAP-eligible) homeowners and renters. 


To apply for EmPower+, complete the application below or at this LINK and provide proof of income or a copy of your HEAP award letter and return all documentation to Adirondack Efficiency.  If you would also like to apply for NYSERDA financing, use the credit application above.



EmPower+ Application
Adobe Acrobat document [60.5 KB]

All home improvements made through NYSERDA programs must be completed by a Building Performance Institute (BPI) GoldStar Company.

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