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Customer Testimonials

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the exceptional energy cost reduction project conducted by your team at Adirondack Efficiency. Your leadership and the dedication of your hardworking and courteous team members have significantly improved our home's energy efficiency, and we couldn't be happier with the results.

From the initial inspection to the completion of the project, your team's professionalism and attention to detail were evident at every step. Before any work began, your thorough inspection of our home pinpointed areas that were contributing to heat loss. What set your approach apart was the way you conveyed this information to us in an easily understandable manner. Your explanations were not only insightful but also highly educational, allowing us to truly grasp the importance of the changes needed.

The installation of insulation in our attic and the correction of areas susceptible to heat loss were executed flawlessly. Moreover, the addition of insulation foam in our crawlspace effectively addressed the issue of cold air infiltration. We were particularly impressed with the meticulousness and precision with which your team worked, ensuring that every nook and cranny was properly insulated.

One aspect that stood out to us was your commitment to quality assurance. After the project's completion, you conducted another thorough inspection to ensure that all areas of concern were fully addressed. This level of attention to detail and your dedication to achieving the best results possible left us feeling confident that the project had been executed to the highest standards.

Thanks to your team's efforts, we have experienced a significant reduction in our energy costs, which is not only economically beneficial but also environmentally responsible. Your project has made our home more comfortable, energy-efficient, and sustainable, and we couldn't be more satisfied with the results.

We would not hesitate to recommend Adirondack Efficiency and your team's services to anyone seeking to improve their home's energy efficiency. Your professionalism, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction are truly commendable, and we are grateful for the positive impact you have had on our home and our lives.

Once again, thank you, Ms. Monroe, and your entire team at Adirondack Efficiency, for a job well done. We look forward to enjoying the benefits of your work for many years to come.

~Bruce Lewis, Tupper Lake




It has been a little more than a month since the work was completed and I have to tell you how pleased we are with the results.  The whole house is nice and warm with no cold spots, We used to have a cold draft in the kitchen but that is gone.  Two weeks ago (in December) we lost power from 7am to 2 pm and the house temp only dropped 2 degrees in that time.  We appreciate the help we got from you and the Heat Keepers/Innovation Now crew.  Thank you again.


~Greg Peck, Lake Clear




I was delighted and shocked at what the NYSERDA program offered me!  I wanted an energy audit of my very old home in the Adirondacks, and hoped I might qualify for a 50/50 split of shared costs of perhaps getting spray foam insulation in my old and leaky basement.  I was overjoyed to instead receive over $13K in full grant funds to cover not only spray foam in the basement, but also in the crawl space areas, blown in cellulose insulation in the attic and under the sloped roof areas, a vapor barrier installed in the crawlspace, and a new heat-pump water heater!


This is an excellent program to help New Yorker State homeowners improve the energy efficiency of their homes and reduce future energy costs.  When I had the follow up blower door test to check the results, my home was now 33% tighter after all of the energy reducing modifications!


The local company doing the work here was Innovation Now (Heat Keepers), from Saranac Lake, and I was thoroughly impressed with each of the the six employees that I met over the course of the work. They showed up on time, understood what they were doing and all the challenges, were professionally trained and prepared and fully equipped to tackle the three various types of tasks that were being performed.  They had a respectful attitude toward my old house and working with me, the homeowner. They cleaned up fully after each project, and were cheerful and hard-working.  


I cannot recommend the NYSERDA program more enthusiastically!  This was a huge turnaround for my old home and helping it to face our rising energy costs in a much better way.  I already see a reduction in my energy usage for heat and hot water, and the house inside is more comfortable and evenly heated as well.  


Jennifer Monroe is a consummate professional, well-trained, organized and efficient. She explained the NYSERDA program well and patiently.  We met to give her the information about my home and my ownership, energy usage history, and my income. She examined the house and exterior, the heat systems, and performed a blower door test to determine how insulated or leaky the house was.  She also replaced most of the lightbulbs in the home with more energy efficient ones.  In the past I have had energy audits and they required 3 people to perform…..yet Jennifer did all that on her own, single-handedly.  


She told me that she thought I might receive a higher grant….which was amazing news, I hadn’t even expected or hoped for anything more than perhaps assistance on installing spray foam insulation in my basement, and expected to have to pay 50% of that out of pocket.  Instead, I received over $13K in energy remediation improvements to my home!!  All fully-funded grants!  


Jennifer also helped to monitor the process once my application had been sent in, and helped me through a few little ‘bugs’ in that system.  

I am so grateful for the NYSERDA Program, and for how Jennifer helped ease any of the rough spots.  She is friendly and easy to work with.  I most highly recommend her work!


~Laura Steenburg, Willsboro




Those folks (Innovation Now) did a magnificent job!  They worked well. They were organized,polite, tidy, obviously knew EXACTLY what to do, thorough and fast.  Justin has SOME GREAT TEAM of people!!!!!!

You may quote me on that!  Hard, reliable workers are extremely hard to find these days.  They should be greatly rewarded for all that they do.

~Melissa Bushey, North River


"I want to thank the whole crew.  I can't begin to tell you how comfortable our home is!  The picture window is unbelievable.  I put my parrot and parakeet there so they get sun and it's so warm.  I just can't believe it.  The cellar is so warm and light to work down there without the wood stove on as it's so warm and we just have small fires.  Phil no longer wears his jacket and hat inside.  Again Jen, thank you Justin and the crew and they were all so nice and very polite."

~ Nola Ercole, South Colton




"I had Jen help me with the EmPower program offered by NYS.  I couldn't believe how smoothly it went.  She did all the paperwork, set up the work and all I had to do was stay in touch with her.  I would definitely recommend her to do your work."

~Mary Bizga, Mooers




"My experience with an energy audit performed by Adirondack Efficiency was exceptional. Jennifer Monroe is a pleasure to work with -- knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive. The contractors that Adirondack Efficiency works with, Nispen Building Performance Inc and Innovation Now LLC, were also easy to communicate with and did great work.   


As a new resident of the Adirondacks, I moved into a cabin that hadn’t been inhabited through the winter in 30 years. A co-worker referred me to Adirondack Efficiency after informing me of NYSERDA energy incentive grants and low-interest loan programs. That referral was incredibly fortunate. It was already October when I reached out and I wasn’t expecting any miracles with winter weather quickly approaching. Jennifer worked with my situation, assisted me through the application process, and scheduled work orders as soon as was possible. Thanks to Adirondack Efficiency, I was able to get cozy in my home instead of hastily moving out."

~Joseph T, Saranac Lake




"We would like to compliment the workers from Innovation Now who came and did the energy improvements on our mobile home.  Justin and his helper were courteous, efficient and personable keeping us abreast of each part of the work as they did it.  We would recommend your group to anyone who might benefit from the energy audit and the work that results from it."

~Jeseph & Shirley Pickreign, Saranc Lake




"Jen, just wanted to send you a big thank you for the two contractors that came to my home.  Mr. VanNispen and his workers and Innovation Now and their workers each did what I feel like was exceptional work and excellence in workmanship!  I am confident this home is going to be much more energy efficient and cozy from this moment forward.  Thank you so much!  I am abundantly grateful.

-Lynn Page, Ellenburg Center




     "I live in a beautiful house up on a hillside, with a spectacular view of Whiteface and the Stephens Range. Built in 1979 by my parents, it is a post and beam construction; my Dad was an electrical engineer, so fitted the entire house with electrical baseboard heating, believing that the cost of electricity would steadily drop over the years. At the time of building, he was very proud of the construction of 6 inch walls, and 8 inches of insulation (fiberglass) in the roof; The front wall is largely of glass  (triple thermal pane), and it faces South, so there is a small bit of solar gain. Lots of things have changed in the past 35 years, but the price of electricity has NOT decreased as my Dad had “predicted”.  And there has been much technical advancement in building materials that were not available in 1979.

     Due to life changes I am now living in the house year round, even though it was originally designed as just a 3-season weekend get-away retreat. During a conversation with my friend Jamie Rogers of ANCA, I was bemoaning what a burden it would be to heat the place all winter, when he informed me of ANCA, NYSERDA, and Energy Audits.  The first step was to fill out a simple application that Jamie gave me. What a blessing this program is!

     Jamie came to visit me and see the home for himself. The first thing he said was “That whole wall is glass! Something needs to be done about that!” Triple thermal pane or not, that was the biggest heat loss in sight. I researched Window Quilts, had them installed by Trade Craft Builders of Saranac Lake, and realized my first big change in comfort and savings.

     After my application for the energy audit was approved, Jamie set me up with Jennifer Monroe, of Adirondack Efficiency. A travelling angel of the Adirondacks, Jen is a laid back, very intelligent and organized woman who arranged the entire audit structure, including obtaining the previous year’s energy usage report from NYSEG, dealing with all the paperwork from NYSEDA, and arranging all the minute details of the audit. In a very timely manner the results of the audit showed exactly what changes needed to be made and where to create a more efficient and comfortable living environment in my home.

     In addition, she is teamed with one of the contractors approved by NYSERDA to do the work, and a representative from that company, Nispen Building Performance, was with her during the audit, so the work could be planned without another inspection. Then Jen had me fill out some more applications and informed me that my income level qualifies me for an EmPower grant from NYSERDA to have much of the work done at a very small cost to me!

     Everyone involved in this process was professional, and friendly. It is obvious that they truly want to make a difference in individual lives as well as preserving our environment. This whole process has been enjoyable and productive, and I highly recommend that all homeowners in the Adirondacks consider using this program to create a more comfortable home environment and lower energy use."

- Christina Anderson, Wilmington/Whiteface, NY




"We are very happy with the process and work completed here.  Our home is heated by hot water heat (fuel oil).  Before we contacted you and had our home insulated, our usage reflected a monthly payment of $544.00/mo.  This payment was a budgeted amount extrapolated out for 11 months.  Some years we spent more, or less depending on usage and at the end of 11 months we either received a refund, or had a 12th payment reflecting our shortage.  Last year (our first full winter after insulation), we were SOOOOOO overpaid that by mid winter we were asked to stop paying and in the spring actually had a refund.  The budget was recalculated in the spring of 2015 to reflect a monthly payment of $307.00/mo.  This is a savings of $237.00/mo versus 2014, but in reality we are not certain that this is enough of a drop in payment because our first year savings was so dramatic that the budget may not be appropriate and there may be another decrease after this winter.

Our NYSERDA payment is $175.00/mo.  Our Savings so far in fuel is $237.00/mo.  Our net gain is the difference of the two, which is $62.00 that we get to put in our pocket."

-The Bradleys, Chestertown




"Jennifer Monroe, the project manager, made sure this project went seamlessly.  Her evaluation of my house, explanations and follow through made the process easy.  Nispen [Building Performance] contractors came in and had the entire job done in a day and a half!  Having the insulation done in May has created a much cooler summer situation for me.  Thank you!"

- Anne Gregson, Schroon Lake




"Jennifer, I am so glad a friend showed me the article about you in Adirondack Life magazine.  Your inspection showed what my wallet has known for years, my house (built in 1820) was not insulated and very, very inefficient.  After Arnoud vanNispen and crew blew in insulation and spray foamed my basement I immediately noticed a difference…my furnace was not running all of the time!  Since January, I have accured a $2400 credit with my fuel company because I was on a budget plan based on previous usage.  Thank you so very much."

- Maria Bagneschi, Ticonderoga




"The staff at Adirondack Efficiency were extremely helpful identifying the air leaks in my home.  They were very thorough and knowledgeable and professional.  They took care of all the paperwork and contacts to schedule a crew from Nispen Building Performance and that crew was efficient and friendly.  My family noticed an immediate difference in our home's overall warmth and coziness.  This was a great service!"

- Michelle SanAntonio, North River




"We could not be more pleased with our dealings with you in having our energy audit done. You made what would be an overwhelming process for us, go quickly and smoothly.  Everyone with Nispen Building Performance were courteous and professional.  Their attention to detail was exemplary.  Thanks to you we are feeling the benefits of a warmer more comfortable living space. This was quite a feat having a 100 year old plus drafty home.  The drafts are gone and the snow is not melting from the roof!  It was a pleasure dealing with you.  Thank you."
- Peggy and Bob Dechene, Long Lake



"Hello Jennifer: Wanted to take the time to write and let you know how extremely impressed I am with the entire project completed here at my home.  My entire house has been insulated; walls, attic and basement.  The [Nispen Building Performance] crew that did the work were very meticulous in all they did and were also very kind and polite.  I also had my furnace correctly installed, along with all new duct work throughout the basement.  Everything they did, they went above and beyond on, even repairing things that were not expected of them.  I am now toasty and warm and very grateful for this program that will definitely make a difference in my being able to live here comfortably throughout the winter.  Thank you so very much to everyone involved!"

- Linda Kilbourn, Long Lake




"Adirondack Efficiency’s Jen Monroe made getting our house energy efficient SO easy!  She handled all the paperwork, made it super convenient to get an audit done, and recruited an auditor/retrofitter (Innovation Now, LLC) that is a dream to work with!  My house has been so warm and comfortable this brutal, long winter; I didn’t even mind staying indoors.  And the bills for my fuel oil went WAY down."

– Kara Page, Wilmington.




"I want to tell you how much that I appreciate the work that Adirondack Efficiency and Innovation Now completed in my home.  Between the insulation and draft elimination around windows, the temperature and comfort level in the home remains constant with many less trips to the woodpile.  Thank you."

- John Sheehan, Minerva.


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